Why Should You Choose Narwal Freo X Ultra? Solving Cleaning Problems Has Never Been Easier 


  • 1. Explore the Best Bits: The All New Narwal Freo X Ultra
  • 2. Conclusion

At Narwal, we’re proud of high-quality products. We’re constantly researching and testing new ideas to bring you, our valued customer, the latest in technology trends in an accessible, practical, yet stylish robot.

We’ve spoken to many of you and understand that when it comes to keeping your floors clean - only the best of the best will do. A robot you don’t have to think about maintaining. One that can automatically complete a thorough clean without any missed spots or dirt left in tight corners.

Because there’s nothing worse than getting home from a long day at work to pick up dirt on your feet or slippers. No one who spends 8+ hours working all day and/or spends time with their children, pets or friends in the evening needs to end their day by sweeping and mopping the floor.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce our latest innovation: the Narwal Freo X Ultra.

When you select the Narwal Freo X Ultra for your home, you choose a seamless combination of maximum performance with minimum maintenance. You choose a robot mop and vacuum that cleans your floors spotlessly thanks to incredible advances in technology, including the world’s first AI DirtSense​​™ technology and the world’s first zero-tangling floating brush. You choose to make your life easier by only having to empty the dust bag every 7 weeks.

It’s an enjoyable and exciting addition to your home that stands out in today’s modern technology market.

Read on to learn more about how you can have the ultimate cleaning experience in your home–and what makes the Freo X Ultra a fantastic investment to free yourself from the burden of manually cleaning your floor.

1. Explore the Best Bits: The All New Narwal Freo X Ultra

Ready to make the stress of cleaning your floors a thing of the past? Of course you are! We’ve precision-built the Freo X Ultra to ensure the most you think about your floors is, “Which color for the new carpet?”.

1) Unmatched Cleaning Excellence (for Crumb-Free Feet!)


Did you know that, according to our research, 73% of people who buy a robot vacuum and mop like the Freo X Ultra want an exceptional cleaning effect for their floors? These people want their floors to be hygienic and swept clean, likely with the slight sheen that comes with a freshly mopped floor. And the Freo X Ultra can deliver.

It does this in three ways:

  • Vacuum with intense, industry-leading suction, leading to an impressive dust, hair and dirt removal rate of 8200pa. This removes 99% of particles from wooden floors and is far higher than many robot vacuums–check this Simple Lifesaver blog to see that many only have around 5000pa.
  • A dual high-speed mop with rotary pressure (180 rpm) increases the contact area being mopped. At the same time, 12 Newtons of pressure increase the friction being used to remove stains, ensuring even stubborn stains are wiped up.
  • DirtSense™ 2.0 technology builds on Narwal’s incredible AI innovation that is powered by sensor arrays and algorithms, to provide auto-targeted cleaning. This upgraded technology takes clever actions like checking if the post-mop water is clean (meaning it is thoroughly mopped) or still dirty (in need of another clean). If it determines another clean is needed it will automatically head to the task.

Explore our dedicated Freo X Ultra webpage to learn more.

2) All-In-One Base Station

If you’ve ever considered buying a traditional robot mop and vacuum but have been concerned about maintenance, you’re not alone. What’s the point of buying tech that doesn’t make your life easier from start to finish?

That’s why we’ve built the impressive all-in-one base station both you and the Freo X Ultra deserve. Our robot’s work isn’t done when it's finished giving your floors a spotless clean. It heads back to its base station to clean its mop heads and prevent issues such as mold, bacteria, and the associated odor build-up.

So, why would you want an all-in-one base station?

  • Auto Mop Washing cleans and rinses your Freo X Ultra’s mop heads when they enter the base station to remove 98% of build-up. You don’t have to consider cleaning your machine–it’s automatically taken care of.
  • Warm air drying (up to 40°C/104°F) of the mop heads within the base station offers a rounded approach to keeping your mop heads clean. Once back in tip-top condition, your robot mop heads are dried quickly to prevent a build-up of bacteria and odors and maintain the hygiene levels of the Freo X Ultra.
  • Detergent dispensing is an underrated aspect of a high-tech base station. It’s easy to add too much or too little detergent to any machine that cleans–think about your washing machine or dishwasher. Adding too little means dirt persists; too much and you’re wasting your money. Our base station takes on this task to ensure your Freo X Ultra receives the perfect amount for the day ahead.

The dust bag is also dried; explore this below.

3) Self-Contained Dust Processor

Dusting and vacuuming dust is a repetitive chore. It’s easy to miss areas if you don’t have the correct lighting. Disturbing dust with a traditional self-emptying base station and low-tech vacuum can also potentially irritate your nose or allergies.

With the Freo X Ultra, you don’t have to worry about what your floor will look like when you come back from vacation again–because you don’t need to empty the base station every day.

  • 7 weeks without replacing the dust bag. One tiresome part of maintaining traditional base stations is emptying the dust and dirt collected. This might be every week at best and every cycle at worst. Enter the Freo X Ultra with our incredible 1L dust bag. A higher capacity with more efficient dust compression than a standard dust box ensures you can go up to 7 weeks without disposing of the bag (and saves you a trip to the garbage can). Learn more about our incredible dust bag technology at our blog.
  • Easy, dust-free disposal with our HEPA dust bags that are safe to throw away with the garbage and so durable they won’t split open in a cloud of dust. When you consider you only need to dispose of them every 7 weeks, this is incredibly hygienic and very economical, thanks to our competitively priced dust bags.
  • Automatic airbag drying to avoid mold, bacteria and odor by switching on a low-level fan to prevent the dust bag from becoming wet. Ultimately, this keeps your floors hygienic and prevents that “wet dog” smell post-clean.

4) No More Tangled Hair

We all lose hair around the home, especially when you live with children or pets. The Freo X Ultra prevents irritating blockages with a clever, elegant design: a zero-tangling floating brush.

This Rheinland-certified addition (it has been externally tested and approved) reduces the chances of you having to remove a hair cluster from your vacuum via a 50-degree ‘golden angle’ brush and four-layer spiral trip, which allows hair to fall out before entanglement occurs. The conical brush head then sucks up 99.56% of hair.

A design decision that makes a big difference is the use of an integrated brush with soft rubber bristles. Not only is this better for your flooring when undertaking an in-depth clean, but it is easier for hair to fall off. Learn more about this technology in our dedicated article.

5) Intelligent Technologies for a Stress-Free Clean

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The Narwal Freo X Ultra has impressive capabilities.

  • Smarter LiDAR SLAM 4.0 technology and Tri-Laser Obstacle Avoidance of 3D structured light help your Freo X Ultra to avoid obstacles and hazards, even those that are millimeters high, so you can rest easy knowing your entire floor is clean.
  • DirtSense™ 2.0 technology then determines another wash is needed, working hard so your floor is thoroughly clean. Read more about this above!
  • An exciting new development is its ability to detect the humidity of the flooring, adjusting to make the mop wetter in a dry environment and drier in a more humid environment. This prevents the mop from adding excess water to the floor and prevents unpleasant puddles.

In all, the Freo X Ultra is a highly adaptable machine. It can intelligently recognize and judge how clean your carpet, tile or laminate is, avoiding obstacles and sweeping all sections free of dust and dirt. Precision is key to cleanliness and the Freo X Ultra embodies this idea.

6) Thoughtful Additional Features

A robot mop and vacuum is more than a cool gadget to show to your friends. We have removed additional stressors to make the cleaning experience as smooth for you as possible.

  • Whisper-quiet operation means that you don’t have to think about your Freo X Ultra when it starts the daily cleaning schedule. It can vacuum your floor and then transfer dirt from the robot to the base station without disturbing you during your Zoom calls, whilst you and your children are asleep, or while there are pets in the house without scaring them.
  • The Freo X Ultra can move over any type of flooring in your home without scratching, tearing or pulling. Perfect for if you have new carpets that need extra care (especially if you have pets or children running around!)
  • Our robot mop and vacuum can also operate between different types of flooring, moving from your kitchen to your living room or hallway with ease. This includes tiles, wooden floors, low-pile carpets, and laminate, so you know your home has sparkling clean and hygienic floors daily.

Ultimately, we’re proud that the Narwal Freo X Ultra can operate in the background without distracting you, helping to free up your time and headspace.

2. Conclusion


Whether you’ve just begun searching for the best robot mop and vacuum or you’ve been searching for some time, you’ll understand the importance of investing in a high-quality, high-tech product. A robot whose routine can adapt to your lifestyle and ensures a spotless clean every time takes a weight off your shoulders and makes your life easier.

That’s why you should consider the Narwal Freo X Ultra as your New Year’s purchase. It’s all of the convenience with none of the mess.

Bursting with features, the Freo X Ultra is a companion that cares for your floors. And, at our introductory price of $1099 (with a $300 Narwal coupon and free Narwal membership, which gives a 30% discount on accessories for life), it’s an investment for your future.

Plus, once you purchase you’re welcome to join our exclusive community on Facebook. Here, you can problem-solve and ask questions to people from around the world (for instance, if you’re trying to figure out the best humidity level to set), access exclusive content from Freo owners, and make friends with fellow Narwal enthusiasts.

We’re delighted to launch our most advanced Narwal Freo model to date, and can’t wait for you to have it in your home.

The Narwal Freo X Ultra is available to purchase now! Click the button below to add a Freo X Ultra to your basket with our early-bird discount. A sparkling clean home and easier cleaning lifestyle await.

Maximum performance, minimum maintenance.