The Self-Empty vs Self-Contained Dust Collection Showdown: Narwal Freo X Ultra vs. the Rest - Who Comes Out on Top?


  • 1. Narwal Freo X Ultra Versus ‘the Rest’
  • 2. Up to 7 Weeks Without Maintenance
  • 3. Easy Dust-Free Disposal
  • 4. Auto Dust Bag Drying
  • 5. Whisper Quiet
  • 6. Efficient, Quiet and Easy to Use. It’s Time to Buy!

Traditional robot vacuums can be loud, need regular maintenance and can leak dirt and dust. Enter the Narwal Freo X Ultra with our incredible, upgraded base station and dust bag technology. In this blog, you can learn how Narwal’s latest launch, the Freo X Ultra, outperforms the rest.

Picture a traditional robot dust and dirt collector. Are you thinking of an unwieldy device? A big, round robot that’s novel–a cool toy to show your friends–but is it a pain because you have to empty the dust box every time you use it? One that might make a very loud noise when it returns to the base station?

If you’ve owned one of these traditional robots before, you will know this isn’t too far from the truth. Traditional (read: low-tech) versions of these robots are cumbersome because of these issues, and frequent trips to the trash before cleaning the dust box might have sent you searching for a better option.

Enter the Narwal Freo X Ultra. If you’re looking for innovation and a stress-free clean, then its innovative technological advances outperform traditional robot vacuums to be a peaceful, effective, and even joyful addition to your home.

1. Narwal Freo X Ultra Versus ‘the Rest’

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At Narwal, we want your life to be as easy as possible. Cleaning your floors shouldn’t be a chore you spend extra time on–and you shouldn’t have to think about the effectiveness of your robot vacuum or if you’ll have to empty the dust box and change the filter every couple of weeks.

We’ve developed light dust collection technology that makes sense, especially when compared to traditional robot vacuums with self-emptying base stations.

Four high-tech advances that mean the Freo X Ultra blows competitors out of the water: up to 7 weeks without emptying the dust bag, dust-free disposal, and whisper-quiet operation. Read on to learn how our new features compare to traditional cleaning methods–and how the Freo X Ultra can improve your life.

2. Up to 7 Weeks Without Maintenance

What’s the problem? A traditional robot mop and vacuum base station requires a lot of maintenance, specifically unclogging the base (you’ll need to get your screwdriver out to complete the job). When you reach the debris causing the clog–often hair, dirt and other matter balled together–you’ll realise you want to empty the base station dust box regularly as bacteria can easily grow, causing unpleasant odors.

How does the Narwal Freo X Ultra solve this problem? The Freo X Ultra’s 1L dust bag ensures you can go up to 7 weeks without emptying the base station, even after daily cleans. This is because of our incredible dusty bags with filters (see the section below), which you don’t have to fear that dirt, dust or odor will escape in the transfer.

Plus, our anti-clogging technology such as the Freo X Ultra’s zero-tangling floating brush with a conical shape design, single-arm brush structure (compared to dual-arm, which is more likely to tangle hair) and 50° “golden angle,” mean the machine picks up 99.56% of the hair on your floor before moving it quickly–and without catching–through the machine to the dust bag.

You don’t have to take regular trips to the garbage. You don’t have to unclog your robot mop and vacuum. And even better? There are no harsh smells. Read on to learn more about this element

3. Easy Dust-Free Disposal

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What’s the problem? Traditional base stations need to have the filter changing regularly to prevent a build-up of bacteria as the systems aren’t self-contained; dust and dirt can escape during the process of transferring into the base station. This leads to foul odors and mold, potentially causing damage to the machine and becoming unpleasant for your family. It also means that the filter needs to be replaced regularly .

How does the Narwal Freo X Ultra solve this problem? We’ve revolutionized dust disposal. Firstly, we’ve taken a straightforward approach by creating a self-contained system that includes a built-in filter with our dust bag, meaning you automatically change your filter each time you empty your dust bag. They are SGS certified and have a higher than 99% filtration efficiency AND antibacterial rate, improving the cleanliness of Freo X Ultra’s operation.

Two jobs, reduced to one–and reduced to taking place every other month. Our vision is to give you more freedom and time to spend with your family, and these innovations are at the forefront of this aim.

Dust Bag–Not Dust Box

Notice we said “dust bag” and not “dust box?” We’ve moved away from the traditional dust boxes that you must clean after every use to the easier-to-remove and replace dust bag, although if you prefer the more traditional approach we have included this option in the box so you can choose based on your needs.

Our conscientiously designed HEPA dust bags are quick to remove and safe to throw away with the garbage while being so durable they won’t split open in the process. Once you have replaced the dust bag–again, a straightforward experience–you don’t have to do anything else. All the dust and dirt has been contained, so there’s no need to take extra cleaning steps.

Maximum performance, minimum maintenance.

4. Auto Dust Bag Drying

What’s the problem? Bacteria and mold thrive on wet surfaces, as the CDC confirms. Traditional systems have failed to address this internally and ask that you manually clean the dust box.

How does the Narwal Freo X Ultra solve this problem? In one simple step: auto dust bag drying. Instead of forcing you to wipe and clean the dust box regularly, we maintain hygiene levels within the bag. By drying the bag we reduce the chance that any excess water sucked into the base station will cause mold to grow.

Our drying feature accelerates water evaporation in the bag from materials on the ground, removing a potential breeding ground for bacteria. You can leave the bag for up to 7 weeks without experiencing strong smells (from there or the ones you experience on your trip to place it in the trash) or concern that the base station needs cleaning.

5. Whisper Quiet


What’s the problem? A traditional robot mop and vacuum with a base station is very loud when transferring the dust and dirt it has collected to the base station. This can disturb your home–whether that’s waking up sleeping children, scaring your pets, or being noisy in the background of a Zoom call.

How does the Narwal Freo X Ultra solve this problem? By shortening and optimising the pipe between the robot’s dust bag and the base station, the Freo X Ultra removes the noisy suction issues that plague traditional robot vacuums. This whisper-quiet operation means it can self-empty at any time of day without startling you or your family and causing additional stress.

More Information

The Narwal Freo X Ultra is quiet. Very quiet. Its industry-leading, 8200 PA suction can become a background noise while its transfers of dirt and dust to the base station is described as “library quiet.”

To get technical, the dirt doesn’t have to be drawn up a long pipe using a huge amount of suction once your Freo X Ultra has returned to the base station. The efficient pipe and air duct ensure that garbage is sucked quickly into the machine to be contained and compressed.

This is one of the reasons that the noise associated with the cleaning is reduced and means that the cleaning schedule you set can take place whilst you or your children sleep. If nap time comes around and you’re exhausted, need to clean, and don’t want to wake the baby, you can rest easy knowing the Freo X Ultra will clean your floor and self empty into the base station dust bag without disturbing your family.

6. Efficient, Quiet and Easy to Use. It’s Time to Buy!

The Narwal Freo X Ultra is a marked improvement in robot cleaning technology. We understand the traditional issues found by owners of these products and have taken leaps forward to improve them.

Dust bag technology might not be the most exciting of topics, but it’s transformational. Quite simply, traditional technology can’t compare.

Ultimately, it’s easier, more efficient and hygienic to use a Freo X Ultra instead of traditional dust collection robots with base stations. If you look forward to not having to think about cleaning your floors or maintaining your base station’s hygiene levels, this is an exciting development.

Ready to snap yours up? At an introductory price of $1099 ($1399 MSRP), it’s worth investing in our innovative and modern device. With your early-bird purchase you’ll also receive a $300 Narwal coupon and a free lifetime membership, which grants you 30% off Narwal accessories! Plus, you’re welcome to join our exclusive Facebook community with Freo owners and Narwal enthusiasts to help improve our products.

Maximum performance with minimal maintenance: the Narwal Freo X Ultra is available to purchase now. Click the button below to add a Freo X Ultra to your basket - a sparkling clean home awaits.