Narwal Freo

Dirtier Area Sensed. Keep On Mopping.

  Most Mind-Free Ever 
· World's First AI DirtSense™ Technology 

· World's First Auto Water Exchange System 
· World's First Mop Dampness Precision Control 

· World's First EdgeSwing™
· Unique LCD OneTouch Control

Pioneer Innovation

Not Just Meet But Exceed Your Needs

World's First DirtSense™

· Sense and Remop Dirty Area 
· Powered by Sensor Arrays and Algorithms

All-in-One Station

· Auto Water Exchange (Optional) 
· Auto Mop Washing 
· Auto Dual Warm Air Drying 
· Auto Dampness Control 
· Auto Solution Dispensing 
· Auto Station Cleaning 
· Convenient LCD Control

Ultimate Cleanliness

· Vacuum and Mop Combo 
· Wet and Dry Wastes Separated 
· World’s First EdgeSwing™ 
· 12N Pressure Scrubbing & 180RPM Spinning

Versatile Flooring Adaptation

· Liftable Brushes and Mops to Keep Carpets Dry 
· Pressure and Suction Adjustment for Wood and Tile

Precise Mapping and Navigation

· SLAM 3.0 LiDAR Navigation 
· Infrared Obstacle Avoidance 
· Multi-Level Mapping

World's First DirtSense™ Technology

"Dirtier Area Sensed. 
 Keep On Mopping."

Powered by sensor arrays and algorithms, Freo is smarter than ever to sense and remop dirty area precisely as needed to leave floors spotless.


Note: DirtSense™ is exclusive to Freo Mode.

Automatic Base Station
One Station to Take Care of All
Auto Water Exchange(Optional)
Auto Mop Washing
Auto Dual Warm Air Drying
Auto Dampness Control
Auto Solution Dispensing
Auto Station Cleaning
Convenient LCD Control

Forget about filling tanks, lugging them around, dumping dirty water, and accidental spills. Easy as a washing machine.

Is This System Right for My Home?
Offered Separately as an Accessory

Cleans mops as you would. Spins and washes the mops rapidly against the studded washboard, completely eliminating dirt.

Dual fans & heaters dry mops in 1/2 the time, evenly & safely under optimal 104°F, preventing bacteria & mold growth while smelling fresh.

Maintains optimal mop dampness to absorb stubborn stains, achieving 2x effective cleaning area (vs industry avg.) on one go.

Automatically refills Freo’s water tank. Precise solution control ensures the optimal clean.

Cleans everything, even itself.

A clean home is one touch away. Simple management from the base station.

Powerful Vacuuming. Intense Mopping.

Superior vacuuming performance and elevated structural design for optimal cleaning results. Main brush, side brushes, and mops could be lifted separately, offering you 5 effective modes for diverse cleaning tasks.

Freo Mode
Freo Mode

An efficient and intelligent mode for deep cleaning. Leave it to Freo.

Vacuum While Mopping
Vacuum While Mopping

A fast and effective mode that saves time.

Vacuum Then Mop
Vacuum Then Mop

Extra deep cleaning by separating wet and dry wastes.

Vacuum Only
Vacuum Only

Meet all your daily vacuuming needs, from carpets to hard floors.

Mop Only
Mop Only

Hard floors cleaning that easily handles dirt, grime, and spills.

Spin, Scrub, Mop
Deep Cleaning Made Easy

Constant downward pressure to produce powerful grip with microfiber to maintain dampness, tackling stubborn stains from coffee to dried-on spills.

Patented Reuleaux
Triangular* Streak-Free

> 12N
Mop Pressure**
180 RPM
Effective Scrubbing***

*A curved triangle with constant width, the simplest and best known curve of constant width other than the circle, named after Franz Reuleaux (founder of modern kinematics).
**2x competitors effective pressure
***Vs simply dragging along a wet pad.

World’s First EdgeSwing™

Not Only Deeper, 
But Also Wider

Silent brush reaches deeper crevices.

Unique twisting cleans hard-to-reach edges. For both vacuuming and mopping.

World’s First EdgeSwing™

Not Only Deeper, 
But Also Wider

Silent brush reaches deeper crevices.

Unique twisting cleans hard-to-reach edges. For both vacuuming and mopping.

Versatile Flooring Adaptation

Carpet Cleaning Pro

Automatic carpet detection, max suction, and reduced speed ensure thorough carpet cleaning. The 12mm (2x industry avg.) mop lifting and adjustable settings help keep carpets dry.

Versatile Flooring Adaptation
For More Diverse Floorings

Mopping Pressure: 7N, firm but gentle

Dampness: Dry, to protect your floors


Mopping Pressure: 12N, tackling even the worst wastes

Dampness: Standard, for a deeper cleaning

Day or Night

Detect and Avoid

Even in the dark, Freo's sensor arrays ensure precise and obstacle-free cleaning with accurate SLAM 3.0 LiDAR navigation and Infrared Obstacle Avoidance System.

Optimal Route That Never Misses a Spot

A weaving pattern cleans efficiently and overlaps with previous route to cover every inch of your floors.

Path Overlap
No-Go Zone
Keep your Freo away from pet beds, play areas, and anywhere else you need.
Spot Cleaning
Pick a specific area to clean up quickly.

One App, Total Control

Create convenient, customizable cleaning plans in the app to suit your home’s exact needs.

No-Go Zone
Schedule Cleaning
Remote Control
Multi-Level Mapping
Cleaning Report
Note: App interface is subject to upgrade without notice.
Engineered with You in Mind
Extra-Large Dust Bin

· 480ml Capacity
· Touch-Free Emptying
· One-Button Operation

Works with Siri

· Convenient Voice Commands
· Start, Pause, and Stop Cleaning

Premium Washboard

· Easy-to-Clean Washboard
· Simple to Remove and Maintain
· Studded Design to Dislodge Mop Dirt

Child Lock

· Prevent Accidental Activation
· Prevent Unsupervised Use

Pioneer Innovation

Not Just Meet But Exceed Your Needs