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Narwal Freo X Plus

Plus Power. Zero Tangles.
Zero Tangling Brush
Zero Tangling Brush
Guaranteed 0% tangle rate with pet fur and long hair up to 16 inches.
7800Pa Suction
7800Pa Suction
Removes over 99% of particles.
7 Weeks Dust Storage
7 Weeks Dust Storage
Vacuum & Mop
Vacuum & Mop
Tackle stains from dirt to spills.
Smart enough to avoid trouble.
Narwal Freo X Plus
Narwal Freo X Plus
Perfect 2024 Entry-Level Robot. Only $339.99.

Plus power

Vacuum Power

Flagship-Level Vacuuming Performance


Ultra-level 7800Pa suction removes over 99%* of particles from hard floors. 260%* more suction power compared to other entry-level robots.

Top-Performing Zero Tangling Brush

A conical shape, and 50° bristles release hair that gets released aerodynamically into the dust bin via the floating end of the brush.

Certified for Zero Tangles

Guaranteed 0% tangle rate with pet fur and long hair up to 16 inches. Certified by SGS and TÜV.


Hair Tangling Rate


Hair Removal Rate

Dust Processing Technology

7 Weeks of Dust Storage


Ultra-Quiet Dust Emptying Solution

Equipped with dust compression technology, Freo X Plus self-empties and stores debris after cleanup, for up to 7 weeks of hands free convenience.

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Precise Navigation

Robot Vacuum, Human Precision


Vacuum and Mop 2-in-1

Mop and Vacuum to Conquer Dirt


Mopping Effectiveness


Effortlessly tackles stubborn stains from dirt to dried-on spills with a powerful downward pressure of 6N, equivalent to a weight of 1.44lb.

Mops up to


Downward pressure of


The Expert in Floor Care

Automated Mop Lifting
Recognizes your carpets intelligently and automatically lifts mop pads to keep them dry.
Create precise matrix routes for thorough carpet cleaning.
Unparalleled Corner-to-Edge Mopping Reach
Smart SwingEdge allows mop heads to rotate right up to floor edges, increasing floor coverage up to 40% for a deeper clean.

Freo Advice

Freo Advice Intelligent Cleaning

Recognizes rooms and floor types via 3D mapping and recommends the best cleaning solutions.

Cleans adaptively based on cleaning data and floor type to ensure a deeper clean.

Explore Extraordinary Features

Smart No-Go Zones
Set up no-go zones with ease to keep your robot from entering the wrong places.
Just Tell Freo X Plus What To Do
Tell your robot what to clean without lifting a finger, via intelligent voice command with Siri and Alexa.
Clean in Peace and Quiet
Enjoy peace and quiet with Freo X Plus at just 50dB , giving you spotless floors without disturbance.
Ultra-Large Battery for Extended Runtime
Cleans up to 254 minutes and goes right back to where it left off after a quick charge.
Fall Prevention Technology
Covers cleaning spots both horizontally and vertically to ensure deeper dust and hair is removed at every angle, even long pile carpets.
Equipped with Child Lock to Ensure Safety
Built-in child lock prevents pets and kids from accidentally starting cleanups.

Product Specifications


350 (W) *355 (L) *107 (H) mm





Base Station

275 (W) *118 (L) *137 (H) mm



Rated input


Rated Output

20V - 1.8A

Rated Power