Clean Efficiently With the Narwal Robot Vacuum

Clean Efficiently With the Narwal Robot Vacuum
The following post is brought to you by   Erin O'Brien

 Let’s define what we, as a society, like in a robot vacuum. We like the hands-off approach. We like the efficiency and the intelligent mapping. We like the unobtrusive design of having one docked in the corner of your home. The Narwal is ready to fulfill those vacuum dreams for you with its next gen vacuum and mop capabilities.

Narwal has five cleaning modes, each bringing you closer to flawless floors. “Vacuum” is an everyday mode that utilizes the Narwal’s brushes and large dust capacity to pick up the most basic of messes. “Mop” mode uses high-speed rotation to remove stains and clean wet messes off floors. Combine the two in “Vacuum then Mop” or “Vacuum and Mop” for deep cleaning—the Narwal Freo is the only robot cleaner able to do both consecutively. Finally, the proprietary “Freo Mode” cleans until the vacuum recognizes there’s no more mess to clean—using Dirt Sense and Smart Swing to pick up every last bit.

The Narwal knows to start the task furthest from its station and work back to its home—impressively intelligent. Its smart routing knows how to “overlap” paths so every inch of your floors are cleaned. It senses obstacles and works around them, and even knows how to cross door sills just under 1” high.